Our heritage breed pigs are given access to fresh pasture on a seasonal basis, where they can forage for grass, grubs, forbes, acorns and piñon nuts. Their regular  diet consists of malted barley and other fermented cereal grains from several local breweries, local blue and red corn from nearby distilleries, milk, wheat bran, and lots of produce from our local grocers. Piglets and sows also receive engineered feed to ensure that they are getting all of the appropriate vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy and happy life.


Originating in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe, this extremely rare breed has made a dramatic come back in the last decade, earning it the reputation of being the ‘Kobe Beef’ of pork. Originally bred by the Hapsburg Emperors in their high mountain fortresses, these furry beasts handle even the worst of Sandia winters with ease. Underneath the distinctive layer of curly hair, which earned them the nickname of ‘sheep pigs’, is a succulent and imposing layer of lard, prized for its crisp, clean flavor. 

  • Whole or Half Hog…………………$4/lb live weight                 In stock


Hampshire’s are not a bread you would expect to find in a lineup of dark meat heritage breed hogs, but along came a half Mangalitsa, half Hampshire pig named Daisy, and our commitment wavered. This funny-snouted sweet heart has become one of our favorites, as well as our most prolific breeder. Her offspring display a wide range of beautiful colorations, body types, and personalities, and offer just a hint of the leaner, lighter meat most commonly in circulation, while incorporating some of the rich fattiness found in Mangalitsa meat and the dark, robust flavor that has earned Durocs a lasting reputation for producing delicious pork.

• Whole or half Hog…………………….. $3/lb live weight            In Stock

-Red Waddle/Duroc-

‘What are those little dangly things hanging off their chins?’ you ask. Those are waddles. Our foundational breeding stock came direct from the Dow Ranch in Chilili, 30 miles south of our farm, in the Manzano foothills, and take their name from the distinctive appendages decorating their jaw line. This rare heritage breed is characterized by their friendly and inquisitive nature, dark red, well marbled meat, waddles hanging from their chins, and adaptation to the dry southwestern climate. Our Red Waddle sows are mated to Gentle Ben, our pure-bred Duroc boar. Gentle Ben, coming in at over 800 pounds, is a magnificent beast. Their offspring exemplify the best of both breeds, offering ease of handling and dark and richly flavored meat.

•Whole and half animals now available …………………$3.50/lb live weight In Stock

-Farm Fresh Eggs-

Contact us for availability. Be warned, if you haven’t had fresh eggs before, you’ll never want to eat another store-bought egg again. We have over a half-dozen varieties of chickens and several ducks. They are free fed a mixture of wheat bran and oyster shells, and supplemented with brewers grain, fresh produce, kitchen scraps, and bread.

  • Dozen eggs……………………………….$5


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Our herd is currently composed primarily of dairy cull animals, which produce a leaner meat than your average black angus beef. Currently we use our cattle for grazing and creating herd effect on our pastures, and also as a way to give otherwise outcast and often severely neglected animals a healthy and happy life. We are now taking pre-orders on beef shares. Please email us if you are interested in reserving a whole or half for the spring/summer. Exact weights and prices TBD. We are also in the process of acquiring additional grazing land to expand our herd and increase the acreage that we are positively impacting.

-Rendered Lard-

Also known as manteca, this purified form of lard is the perfect cooking oil or baking ingredient. Take your pie crusts to the next level or just add a drop or two too the frying pan before you crack your eggs. It also has countless applications outside the kitchen. It removes tar and sap, is an amazing multi-purpose lubricant, and makes a nice addition to salves and soaps.

  • $10/pint