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Notes from the Farm: May 20 2021

** Busy Season...
Well folk's its gonna be a short one. We are off and running and working hard to keep all the balls in the air. I'm headed north for a convening of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union this evening, and will be delivering a load of compost to two ranches in northern New Mexico that will be participating in the carbon ranching initiative being spearheaded by our friends at the Quivira coalition. Tomorrow we will be participating in a workshop at the Hibner Ranch near Tierra Amarilla and continuing to grow and strengthen the network of farmers anf ranchers working to produce nutrient dense food while combatting climate change and building community and vibrant rural economies. Ethan will be holding down the fort at the Farm Stand in the mean time! The veg is starting to pick up and the freezers are still fully stocked.
If you want to support family farming and ranching and sustainable food production in the Southwest you should consider joining both RMFU and/or the Quivira Coalition. An annual associate membership in the Rocky Mountain farmers Union is only $35 and goes to support the vital work of advocating for better policies that help family farms. With the majority of farmers in the country rapidly aging out there has never been a more critical time to push for policies that reverse the damage done over the last several decades that have pushed the family farm to the point of extinction. Likewise the Quivira coalition is doing amazing work in bringing agriculture and conservation together in unique and inspiring ways, and working hard to train the next generation of western agrarians in how to manage land in a responsible and regenerative way to produce healthy food, meaningful livelihoods, and combat the ongoing challenges of climate disruption.

You can learn more about these organizations by visiting:

About RMFU
** Save the date! Composting workshop- July 12! ------------------------------------------------------------ Registration will be opening in a couple weeks but we are quite excited about this one so wanted to put it back on your radar. Should be a lot of fun! ** Many hands... ------------------------------------------------------------ We are continuing to grow and expand and are well past the point where carrying the burden just inside the family is sustainable. We are looking for a part time employee to help with retail at the Farm stand as well as at the farmers markets. Anyone interested should send an email to info@polksfolly.com. Please include a short bit on why you are interested, a resume and a reference or two. You'll need reliable transportation and to be able to lift up to 50lbs. Experience in retail, knowledge of regenerative agriculture, and excellent people skills all a plus. We are also working on organizing volunteer days on the farm. This will likely look like a Sunday event where we will work on a project in the morning and hang out and bbq when it gets too hot to keep working. Stay tuned for more details.

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