The Flower Moon.. or why you need to JOIN THE UNION!!

Notes from the Farm: May 28 2021

** Busy Season... Part 2..
Well folk's its gonna be a short one.. again. Last week's adventure to Chama and Tierra Amarilla was rejuvenating and inspiring. Charlie Hibner has spent his life taking a huge piece of beat down Taos Plateau and transforming it from a mono culture of invasive sage brush into a beautiful and beautifully productive ranch. It's truly inspiring to see what a life time of patient and dedicated effort can do to transform a landscape and take something beat down and bring it back to life. There were over fifty people in attendance, ranging from neighboring ranchers to enviornmentalist and every shade of government bureacrat that works in public land management. The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union meeting was a breath of fresh air. I got to spend a lot of time chatting with the President and learning about what a lifetime of service to family farmers really looks like. It is amazing to be able to connect to such a tenacious and fun group of like minded agricultural producers.

The Union meeting predictably ended up with all of the young farmers and ranchers hanging out on the chama river drinking a few beers and solving all the problems of the world. It was simultaneously terrifying and heartening to realize that the problems we struggle with ( like lack of access to processing, competing with giant global corporations, and rapidly depleting water resources) are equally heavy on the minds of producers that have been working the land for longer than I've been alive. It was also deeply satisfying to connect with people that are doing similar things and thinking about ways to address these issues in a similar way. Many of the apprentices from the Quivira Coalitions New Agrarian program came, and it was great to be able to connect and brainstorm about potential collaborations and bounce ideas around about how to move forward. Hopefully some of those conversations will yield some exciting opportunities to purchase grass finished beef shares!

I would again encourage everyone to sign up and get involved.

You can learn more about these organizations by visiting:


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